Megalodon http botnet panel+builder fixed


Megalodon H.T.T.P

- Download and execute
- 7 ddos methods
- Remote shell
- Crypto miner
- Botkill
- AV Killer
- OS Supported: All Windows based OS from Windows XP -> Windows 10
- Language: Stub is coded with C# with the .NET Framework 2.0

- Password Recovery: Latest IE, FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Filezilla FTP, Steam, Minecraft

- Crypto mining: The miner covers all SHA256 and Scrypt currencies. (ex: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Omnicoin & Dogecoin)

- Stability: It can hold 10-20k easily.

- DDoS: UDP, HTTP Flood, SYN, NTP, XML-RPC Pingback, Slowloris and A.R.M.E.